About Rocky’s Plumbing

Rocky’s Plumbing has been serving the El Paso area since 2003. For nearly two decades, Rocky’s Plumbing has offered the Sun City excellent plumbing and leak detection services. We’re ready to take on whatever plumbing issue may come your way.

How Rocky’s Plumbing Began

The Puga family has been serving the El Paso area with superb plumbing assistance for decades. Pride for the Sun City runs deep in our veins. The story of how Rocky’s Plumbing came to be begins with the man himself, Rocky Puga. After years of serving his community as a Sheriff’s Deputy, Rocky returned to the family business at Alameda Plumbing. After noticing the demand for courteous, swift, and professional plumbing services in the El Paso area, Rocky decided to start his own plumbing company—Upper Valley Plumbing. It has since grown to be one of the most successful and reliable plumbing businesses in the El Paso area.

Today, Upper Valley Plumbing is known as Rocky’s Plumbing, in honor of the Master Plumber who established the company. We are proud to provide the El Paso area with the plumbing service it deserves.

The Importance of a Stable Foundation

Not many companies can say they were established by a Sheriff’s Deputy. This background in law enforcement has set Rocky’s Plumbing on an upward trajectory. We are much more than a simple plumbing service company. Our clients feel safe when they choose us due to our background in law enforcement and our history in the Sun City. These two aspects have established Rocky’s Plumbing as an honest, reliable team that always strives to provide for the El Paso area.

Years Of Experience Translate to the Best Service

The Rocky’s Plumbing team has many years of experience in the plumbing industry. The Puga name is synonymous with excellent plumbing service. At Rocky’s Plumbing, we hold the importance of the Puga name close to heart. The team that makes up Rocky’s Plumbing strives to remain true to the legacy set forth by those before us. This is what it takes to become an esteemed plumbing company in the El Paso area.

Authorized Retailer

Rocky’s Plumbing is Proud to be an Authorized Dealer of the Following Brands