Sewer Inspection & Repair Services in El Paso and the Southwest

Sewer inspection can be beneficial for many reasons. Both homeowners and potential buyers can benefit greatly from sewer inspection services. Since the home’s sewer line sees its fair share of erosion and decay, inspection offers peace of mind and gives homeowners the ability to understand the state of their home’s sewer lines. Future homeowners can also benefit by knowing if the home they plan on purchasing has sewer lines that work as they’re meant to. The information afforded by sewer inspection services is invaluable.

How Homeowners Benefit from Sewer Inspection

Since sewer lines are buried deep underground, it is nearly impossible to inspect them without ripping up the entire yard. Thankfully, sewer inspection services make this easy. By using small cameras that travel through the sewer, plumbers can visualize the interior of the sewer line, effectively visualizing any issues.

Sewer inspection may be required for a variety of reasons. Home built in the 1950s, for instance, tend to have outdated sewer lines that disintegrate over time, eventually collapsing. Even newer homes can face sewer line issues. Backups, blockages, foul odor, mold, and even cracks in the foundation and sinkholes can all be linked to sewer issues. The best and most efficient way to check the sewer line for damage and leaks is inspection. This way, the plumbing company will know exactly what’s causing the issues and will be able to tackle the issue as effectively as possible.

Sewer Inspection for Prospective Buyers

In addition to finding out if the sewer line is clogged or clean, inspections reveal the state and condition of the sewer itself. Through sewer line inspection, prospective homeowners can gain valuable knowledge about the home they plan on buying. Avoiding this can lead to undesirable outcomes, such as sewer line replacement.

Sewer Repairs in the El Paso Area

Upon discovering a sewer issue, such as wear or corrosion, Rocky’s Plumbing will provide the necessary sewer repair services. Damaged sewer lines can cause a barrage of undesirable outcomes. Swift and complete repairs are incredibly necessary in these circumstances.