Water Softener Systems for El Paso Homes

Water that contains calcium and magnesium is known as “hard water.” This hard water will interfere with many cleaning tasks, affecting everything from dishwashing to bathing. Once dishwashing is complete, dishes may look spotty once they dry. This is just one example of how hard water impacts homeowners in the El Paso area. Water softener systems remove the calcium and magnesium from hard water, making it efficient for any cleaning task, and less harsh on skin and hair.

Hard Water Problems

Hard water affects all regular cleaning duties. When laundry is cleaned with hard water, the detergent may not work as effectively as it’s supposed to. Bathing and showering with hard water is less effective as well. Washing hair with hard water, for instance, can cause the hair to look dull and feel sticky. Bathing in hard water can create a film of soap on the skin, which halts the removal of soil and bacteria.

Hard water doesn’t only affect cleaning duties. It can also make it more difficult for water-using appliances to work as efficiently as they’re supposed to, resulting in more costly operation. The pipes that run through a home can become clogged with scale, reducing the amount of water that flows. This issue may end with the home requiring pipe replacement.

Water Softener Systems are an Effective Solution

Water softener systems filter hard water and provide clean, reliable water for homeowners to use. A water softener system will remove the calcium and magnesium from hard water, and as the hard water passes through the water softener system, the calcium and magnesium ions are removed by way of an ion exchange process. The final result will be “softened” water. Installing a water softener system can increase the use and efficiency of any household’s water. Clean, soft water is an invaluable necessity for homeowners in the El Paso area. Contact us today to learn more.