Gas Leaks & Detection Services in the Southwest

Homes all across the southwest make use of gas lines on a daily basis. Gas powers crucial appliances such as stoves and water heaters. They play a major role in keeping homes comfortable and efficient. But as time goes on, these gas lines can face issues. Wear and corrosion to these gas lines can lead to leaks that can create dangerous situations within your home. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re in need of gas leak detection services, Rocky’s Plumbing can help.

Detecting Gas Leaks in Your Home

The gas used to power homes all across the country is known as “natural gas.” In its most basic form, natural gas is odorless, colorless and safe. If you’ve ever had a gas leak in your home (or if you’ve simply left the stove on) you more-than-likely have detected the smell of rotten eggs. A harmless chemical called mercaptan is added to natural gas in order to give it that distinct smell. As soon as you smell rotten eggs in your home, you should become cautious since it may signal a gas leak. Remember to avoid turning on any lights as this may cause the gas to ignite. Open as many windows as possible and let your home air out for a few hours. Contact Rocky’s Plumbing if the issue persists.

There are other more subtle signs of gas leaks. If you’ve noticed that your gas bill is getting higher and higher, a gas leak may be to blame. Gas leaks also affect the senses so if you or your family have started to feel dizzy for seemingly no reason at all, it may be due to a gas leak. These types of leaks require maintenance as soon as possible in order to avoid any negative outcomes in the future.

Rocky’s Plumbing is Ready To Help Homeowners in El Paso

Gas leak detection should be left to the professionals. When you choose Rocky’s Plumbing for your home’s leak detection needs, you’ll receive all you could ever require. Our team is ready to make sure your gas lines are working as effectively as possible. It is our goal to make sure your home is safe and efficient. Whether you require gas leak detection or gas line maintenance, we’re the team to call. Don’t let those gas leaks continue. Rocky’s Plumbing is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer!