The Benefit of Reverse Osmosis System Filters in El Paso Homes

The water that runs through your home’s faucets has to pass through a filtration system before it can flow from the faucets. Filtration removes a wide range of problem contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride and various pollutants from drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis System Filters

Reverse osmosis system filters (known as RO system filters for short) are a reliable, efficient option for purifying water. RO systems come in many varieties, with the most common being 3 stage, 4 stage, and 5 stage systems. Overall, RO system filters are a great option for homeowners who want consistently clean water.

3 Stage RO System

Although the 3 Stage RO System has the least components, the filtered water is as fresh and clean as you’d hope. The three components that make up this system are the carbon pre-filter, the RO membrane, and the post filter. The first step removes the unpleasant smell and taste of water by reducing the elements that cause this.

From there, the water will pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane will “squeeze out” substances such as radium, lead, and arsenic. The final step is the post filter. It is a second carbon filter that will essentially polish the water, making sure it’s crystal clear and ready to drink.

4 Stage RO System

4 Stage RO Systems include all the stages from the 3 stage system with the inclusion of an additional “first step,” the sediment pre-filter. This pre-filter will remove microscopic particles such as dirt, sand and rust. These particles are 15 times smaller than a single grain of sand. From there, the water follows through the same stages as the 3 Stage RO System.

4 Stage RO Systems can also include a permeate pump which uses the water’s energy as leverage to move purified water into holding tanks. It reduces the amount of drain water produced by the RO system by up to 80 percent, decreasing the tank fill time by up to 60 percent.

5 Stage RO System

The 5 Stage RO System offers optimally clean water. It includes the same stages as the 4 stage RO system along with a second carbon pre-filter. This second filter will further reduce any unpleasant smell or taste the water may have. 5 Stage RO Systems are also available with booster pumps. These pumps increase the pressure of the water, making it a great option when incoming water pressure is less than 40 PSI.

Maintenance and Assistance for Reverse Osmosis System Filters in El Paso

For a RO system to work effectively, it requires regular maintenance. Sediment pre-filters, carbon pre-filters, and polishing filters should be replaced once per year while reverse osmosis membranes require replacement every two to three years.