Pipe Repair and Maintenance for Homes in El Paso and the Southwest

As with most things in life, sewer pipes require repairs from time to time. Although these pipes are meant to withstand constant wear and tear, they will eventually require repairs or replacement. Old pipes can result in leaks that can cause water utility bills to increase. In extreme cases, damaged pipes can cause water or raw sewage to flood into the homes of unsuspecting El Pasoans. Pipe repair can help homeowners avoid these future disasters.

Pipes That Supply Water to Homes in the Southwest

A variety of different pipes, often made of different materials, tend to make the plumbing systems of houses all across the Sun City. By understanding the types of pipes and their specific lifespans, homeowners can feel confident in knowing whether or not they should opt for pipe replacement or pipe repair services.

Supply pipes can be made of brass, copper or galvanized steel. Brass and copper tend to last from 80 to 100 years while copper pipes can last from 70 to 80 years. Copper and galvanized steel pipes are susceptible to rust. Since supply pipes are constantly under pressure, they will more than likely cause water damage whenever a leak occurs. Well-maintained pipes may last longer than the typical lifespans listed above. Similarly enough, poorly maintained pipes can actually fail sooner, much earlier than the typical lifespan denotes.

What Causes Pipes to Leak

Although aged pipes can factor into leaks, there are other issues that can lead to the same scenario. Homeowners must account for all the possible scenarios in order to understand the severity of the pipe issue. The following are some of the most common causes of pipe leaks:

  • Shifts in the Foundation
    • Although these shifts may be small, they can account for pipe leaks and other plumbing issues. As a home settles over time, the home’s water lines may undergo dramatic adjustments. This can result in the pipes disconnecting, leaking, and even rupturing.
  • High Water Pressure
      • The higher the pressure of the water, the more damage it can create. Although pipes are built to withstand high pressure, they may begin to leak or crack over time.
  • Changes in Temperature
    • Extreme and sudden changes in temperature can blindside homeowners. Sudden, unexpected cold weather can cause the water within pipes to freeze. This, in turn, causes the pipes to expand. Once the water melts, the pipes won’t return to their original shape and size. This discrepancy in size can result in cracks and leaks.

Pipe Repair in the El Paso Area

Pipe leaks can account for increased water utility bills and may result in flooded homes if the issue isn’t dealt with at the appropriate time. Pipe repair can stave off major hassles and future disasters.